music and friends and toms

you always make me smile - kyle andrews and
all is love - Karen O and the kids...its on where the wild things are :) cool movie. cool music.

so ive been thinking about summer ending and school shopping and school starting and Ive decided school isn't going to be the same without my dear friend Sarah Ann.
We jump in puddles, go to concerts, walk up and down mainstreet, laugh our guts out, sing India Ink outrageously loud, admire John Mayer, doodle, watch Penelope, and too much to keep track of. She is going away. to college. dixie to be exact. and that's too far for me to visit much.

So who am I going to...(fill in with all of the above)...with?!

On another note...School shopping...hmmm. Any favorite places to shop?

Ive gotta get some more TOMS shoes too. Ive been looking at their blog and interning there would be incredible! They are such amazing people!

Well...random post of a bunch of thoughts all squished together.