Crazy cool giveaway!

Ohhh i just love TOMS sooo much!!! I've got some lovely red ones and I just adore these ones :)

Youth Making a Difference

Did you know that in India, children in orphanages do not have access to a doctor on a regular basis.

In India, learning English gives them an extremely better chance of getting out of poverty. Majority of the jobs in India require the knowledge of English.

I'm part of the organization Youth Making a Difference (YMAD). We are preparing to go to India to teach English at the orphanages and improve their nutrition and standard living. When we go to India, we will be able to take supplies to them and give them medical exams. We will be able to send children to a doctor with money we raise.

I need to raise money to be able to go and help these kids!
So anybody have some fun fundraising ideas??

I already have some good ideas, but I'm still looking for more.

Check out and let me know if you'd like to help out :)

So You Think You Can Dance

I love So You Think You Can Dance. I wish I could dance like this. It's inspirational and it makes me want to dance! They are truly incredible!

bliss list

Eleven things that make me oh so happy:
(because ten is not enough. in no particular order)

1. Taking and editing pictures - gotta love photoshop

2. Being with my besties - jumping in puddles, getting hawaiian shaved ice, playing with chalk, tye dye

3. Anything with my family

4. Amazing movies - Alice in Wonderland, Because I Said So, Avatar

5. Guitar - It's my therapy... I play before every date

6.Painting and Art - I could paint forever. I may not be the best, but it's so fun

7.Being Inspired - friends, vintage, other blogs, art, fashion

8.Nature - Beaches, sunsets, smell from rain

9.Music - john mayer, tyrone wells, jack johnson, norah jones, imogen heap

10.My future trip to India - with youth making a difference-

This picture inspired me to do YMAD! Thank you Dave Shaw!

11. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints