bliss list

Eleven things that make me oh so happy:
(because ten is not enough. in no particular order)

1. Taking and editing pictures - gotta love photoshop

2. Being with my besties - jumping in puddles, getting hawaiian shaved ice, playing with chalk, tye dye

3. Anything with my family

4. Amazing movies - Alice in Wonderland, Because I Said So, Avatar

5. Guitar - It's my therapy... I play before every date

6.Painting and Art - I could paint forever. I may not be the best, but it's so fun

7.Being Inspired - friends, vintage, other blogs, art, fashion

8.Nature - Beaches, sunsets, smell from rain

9.Music - john mayer, tyrone wells, jack johnson, norah jones, imogen heap

10.My future trip to India - with youth making a difference-

This picture inspired me to do YMAD! Thank you Dave Shaw!

11. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints